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Would you become a vampire?

During my lifetime, I've tried on four completely different careers: journalism, hotel management, marketing in high tech, and teaching yoga. All of that because yes, I like exploring new things, but also because I'm terrible at making decisions when predicting what career path I would enjoy.

Apparently, I'm not alone: I saw stats somewhere that something like 80% of people are completely off when guessing what is going to make them happy in the future.

Philosopher L. A. Paul illustrated this with his #VampireParadox: If you were offered the chance to become a vampire — painlessly and without inflicting pain on others, gaining incredible superpowers in exchange for relinquishing your human existence, with all your friends having made the leap and loving it — would you do it? (#Duh).

He says that the problem is you can't really know what it feels like to be a vampire unless you become one, so there's no way to make an informed decision.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of the important life choices are like that: you can't really know what to expect unless you try. So if something feels right, we should just go for it without overthinking. And as they say in the Milky Way commercial, "no regerts"

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